Japan anest Iwata automatic Paint Spray Gun WA-200-Pressure Nozzle 1.2/1/5/2.0/2/5mm option

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 Iwata Spray Gun Nozzle WA-200



                  Iwata Spray Gun Nozzle WA-200

Nozzle main purposes:
1, the paint coating.
2, die-casting machine Automatic spray mold release agent.
3, the plastic molding machine of the mold release agent spray.
4, mold spray cooling.
5, automatic lubrication to the fluid.
6, the production line of liquid spray.
Notes on Using:
1, the automatic spray gun spray should be installed in the machine frame or platform.
2, the appropriate spray distance of about 15 to 20 cm.
3, the feed gas into the joints and fittings should be tightened with a marked
4, spray pressure, as the conditions of use may be, generally in 3 ~ 5kg/cm

This place of use:

1 spray plants – spray paint
2 automatic wave soldering production line – spray flux
3 Plastic Factory – Water
4 Indian silk, printing factory – jet printing, printing oil
5 Bearing Factory – spray lubricants
6 Pharmaceutical Factory – spraying water, disinfectant
7 printing – spraying ink, glue
8 Glass – spray paint, etching solution
9 Food Factory – Spray cooking oil
10 Stamping – spray release agent, working oil

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1.5mm, 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm


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